Runchella Schedule

Please note that all session start times listed below are set to US Central Time (Chicago). These may appear different than the start times displayed in the RIA Connect app.

The start times in RIA Connect reflect the timezone in which your device is currently located. They're smart devices, after all! While all times are Central Time, if you are not yet on Central Time, the time listed for each session will be different.

For example, a session scheduled for 12pm US Central Time would be reflected as 1pm US Eastern Time if you are currently on Eastern Time. The times listed in RIA Connect will automatically reflect the proper time when your device adapts to the proper timezone.

Monday, May 8

Tuesday, May 9

Wednesday, May 10

Thursday, May 11

If you're coming to Runchella, we strongly recommend that you download and use RIA Connect. In addition to displaying your Runchella schedule, RIA Connect puts member contact data at your finger tips.


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