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Last modified: April 28, 2021

Welcome to the RIA User Guide. This will serve as a resource as you add and edit content on the RIA website.

This guide contains a lot of information and will help you manage the content you publish on the RIA website. We expect that it will change as new capabilities are added to the website. Please read it carefully.

If you have any questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Detail Page

This section of the guide concerns adding and editing your company detail page to the RIA website.
Your company detail page is a dedicated page where you list details about your company and link to resources specific to your offering, products or services. It may not change often.

As a member, perhaps your most important asset on the RIA’s website is your company detail page. This is a showcase of both public and member only information that is displayed throughout the RIA’s website. Key elements include things such as your logo, a company summary and a company website. Likewise, restricted content may include links to marketing assets, MAP policies, etc.

We’ve taken the liberty of creating your company page with basic content. If you like to edit the page, simply follow these steps:

Please note that, unlike other content, only one user from each company can manage their company detail page. This is intended to prevent errors and omissions.
  1. In order to access content, you must be logged in. Of course, if you're reading this, then you already are! Step 1 complete.:D
  2. If you have edit access, you will find a link to your company detail page in the Content Manager. Likewise, you can edit your company page while viewing it. Simply find your company page either by clicking on your logo on the brand showcase page or using the search in the main navigation.

  3. Editing your page from the Content Manager is very self-explanatory. If you want to edit your page while viewing it, browse to it and look to the bottom right of your screen for the red “Edit” button. It should look like the example to the right. Click it and it will load up an editor for you.

To edit your page while viewing it, look for a red button in the bottom right of your screen.

As you edit your page, please note that all field labels will have instructions. Simply hover over each field label to review the needs and requirements of that field.
Please note that we will be asking you to include links to documents and directories that you manage independently via systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. While the choice of platform is yours, we do ask that you ensure that all links are accessible without additional login credentials required.
With the editor open, you’ll see tabs for 1) Content 2) Company Details and 3) Publishing. Let’s address each!
  • Content
    This tab is required and mostly includes public content

    There are two primary fields here for you to manage. First is the “Title” field, which is the title of your company. The second is the main content. This is the primary content that will display publicly on the website.

    Note that if you copy and paste in text from Microsoft Word or from a website, you may include a bunch of “cruft”, i.e. code that changes the formatting of your content. If we notice it, we’ll clean it up for you. Oftentimes all you need to do is put your content into Notepad or a Rich Content first, or use “Remove Formatting” function on the editor.

  • Company Details
    This tab is required and mostly includes private content

    This tab is where you provide more specific information such as your logo, images, and company specific resources. Please note that many of these will be restricted to RIA members only. Remember that hovering over each field label will highlight what you need to provide.

    Again, the links you provide must be publicly accessible in order for retailers to access them. Should you have any questions about privacy, please review the section below regarding how we keep your information private.

  • Publishing
    This tab is optional
    You probably won’t use this tab a lot, however here you can adjust the article category as well as add in a version note to track your page edits.
Here's an example tooltip:
Sample tooltip
Once you’ve made your edits, simply select “Save” at the bottom of the editor and you’re good to go. If you select “Cancel”, then you will exit the editor without any of your changes being saved. If you’d like to see and compare previous versions, click the versions tab.

Questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime.
Look for these buttons when exiting the editor.
Editor buttons

A Note About Privacy

We understand and respect that you may wish to keep your company's information as private as possible. In order to accommodate this, only retailer members and website administrators (all RIA staff) can access the links that you share. In fact, you may only view the content you submit when editing your company profile.

The live company detail page, specifically the member only resources that you are sharing therein, are not accessible to you or to any other brand or associate when viewing your company page. While that makes it slightly tricky for you, it does ensure that only those that should see the resources do see the resources.

Of course, once a member accesses the resources you share, be it through the RIA website or any other means, it is certainly possible that they be shared in appropriately. Just so we're clear though, doing so is against RIA policy and will have repercussions.

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