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Free Market Intelligence – Make Better Buying Decisions

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To sign up for this program please email Keith Storey at Sports Marketing Surveys:

In partnership with the running channel’s leading research firm, Sports Marketing Surveys, RIA retail members receive market share and product trend data free of charge – enabling retailers to make smart, effective buying decisions.

The process is simple. Members agree to provide monthly POS data to Sports Marketing Surveys via a data link. The data feed is then aggregated alongside over 100 other stores, creating a reliable and accurate market report that details best sellers, hot brands, and product trends.  RIA retailers who participate receive a comprehensive quarterly report free of charge, and a year-end summary. Note that individual store data is never shared.

“Providing data to Sports Marketing Surveys was as easy as pushing a button, and the market reports we get in return from Sports Marketing Surveys have been invaluable for making good product decisions.  We refer to the reports constantly.” Washington DC-area Retailer

Membership ROI Calculator
RIA Membership Investment = $450
Annual SMS subscription fee = $13,000-$30,000
ROI = 2789-6567%

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