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RIA Product Finder

Never Miss a Sale + Increase Customer Satisfaction.

We are excited to launch the RIA Product Finder powered by Fitted!

Gone are the days of calling your retailer buddies for shoes or posting messages to the RIA Think Tank. This free service for all RIA members allows you to access and move product directly from other retailers across the entire Fitted network.

Retail members can join the RIA Product Finder and immediately become a buyer and/or fulfiller:

  • Regardless if you rely on Fitted's turnkey ecommerce solution, have your own ecommerce solution, or are strictly brick & mortar, your store can quickly join and have access to product that is currently out of stock in your stores or from manufacturers.

Easily move over-inventoried or older product - optimizing inventory and turns:

  • Over-stocked on a particular item, ordered too much, have several of the same color shoe? If so, you can become a fulfiller and easily make your inventory available on the RIA Product Finder. As order requests come in you can pick and choose whether to and which to accept.

Increase guest experience and customer satisfaction:

  • Have more product available at your fingertips for quick delivery and help “never miss a sale!"

Transactions are secure and anonymous:

  • Fitted's software makes each B2B transaction seamless, anonymous and secure. Brands can rest assured that only previously approved retail partners will have access to their product within the Fitted Network

    "The RIA Product Finder has been great to help ensure our color oriented customers are getting the pairs that they want. Especially in this time of supply shortages, if the colors we have in store or have access to on a vendor's b2b's don't match what the customers want, it's great to have another avenue to pull stock from. I personally was able to find a shoe for my grandpa that we didn't have in store and that we didn't have access to from the brand. Luckily thanks to the product finder we were able to get the shoes in for him!"

    - Kyle Brady (Buyer, Naperville Running Co)

To learn more, reach out to Jennifer Hazard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or visit

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