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NEW Freight Program - Save 35% Annually*

Member only benefits: 

Enrollment in the Freight Discount Program is fast and easy, and now online! Use the link below to get saving.

Enroll in the Freight Discount Program

Introducing the RIA’s new, premier member benefit - a discounted shipping program that will provide an average of 35% savings on annual freight costs, which translates into higher profits for your store. Under the program, retail members will receive substantial discounts with UPS Small Package on incoming/outgoing freight, third party dropships, and return freight.

The model for ground commercial service shows an average discount of 35% on orders that ship within the program. The savings are clear when you do the math. For an average-sized store whose annual freight expense is $25,000, savings based on the discount would be over $8000.  For larger stores, annual savings would be in the tens of thousands.    

Additional benefits:

  • Third-party freight manager – Parcel Management Group (PMG) analyzes your freight bills and provides guidance, sets up routing with your vendors, tracks your billing and acts as a your personal customer service representative for all shipping concerns.
  • Deals on LTL – The program utilizes a pool of approximately 30 national and regional LTL carriers with highly-discounted rates.
  • Refund Recovery Audit Service – Capitalize on UPS’ money-back guaranteed transit times. If the shipment arrives late, PMG will secure a full-refund, saving you up to an additional 5% on your annual freight spend.

Membership ROI Calculator

RIA Membership Investment = $450
Savings for average-sized store = $8000
ROI = 1678%

*Average based on initial model testing done by the RIA. Individual savings will vary.

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We saw significant savings right away! Our accounts payable manager actually thought there was something wrong with an invoice because the freight was so low. (Click to read full testimonial).

—John Benedict - Playmaker’s, Okemos, Michigan

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