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Superieur Electrolytes

An eagle is in our logo as eagles fly solo and are also prominent around Lake Superior where our brand was born. Superieur Electrolytes is an independent company that focuses on independent retailers in the healthiest spaces: wellness, health foods, holistic, healing, physical therapy, team sports, yoga, running, cycling, skiing, hiking, etc....

What separates us is that we use sources of minerals found in nature vs. the common lab-made alternatives.  For example, most brands use sodium chloride which is processed in a lab and provides 2 minerals.  We choose two alternatives that contain over 80 minerals: pink Himalayan sea salt from the former but dried up Himalayan sea and ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake.  Also, most brands use common synthetic ingredients such as ascorbic acid which is a lab-made component of vitamin C.  We use food sources so to provide the full benefits of vitamin C.  We also use bamboo stem, which is a great source of silica and other minerals.  Silica is great for detox but also important for hydrating skin and hair which is key for those of us that spend time running in the sun or dry cold and also take frequent showers.  Lastly, we use the plant stevia leaf extract while many of our competitors use the patented man-made sweetener Reb A which is made from the stevia plant in a 42-step process utilizing alcohols including methanol and ethanol.

We use no sugar, no colors and our flavors are light and refreshing and can be consumed before, during and after a run.  Our formulator is Seth Bovio who has years of experience working with some of the best runners alive (some here in the RIA).  This experience traces back to the 1980s where research focused on absorbality and endurance.  An example of what Bovio learned was that the difference between hydrating with all of the minerals vs. the few most products provide can result in a difference of 8 heartbeats per minute.  Seth has currently run 402 consecutive days (5 mile minimum) and PR'd in the 1991 Columbus Marathon with a 2:46 and has run 3 Bostons, one well.

We don't sell to mass retailers and we don't let anybody ever discount our brand online.  For more info please contact Seth Bovio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text/call him at 631.839.9894

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