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Candid Conversations about Challenges and Successes

Published on | Amy Johnson | Point of View

Amy Johnson from Craft

By Amy Johnson, RIA Board Member and Craft Sports North America Director of Apparel Sales

Let's engage! The RIA Summit is fast approaching, presenting a prime opportunity for brands and retailers to convene and engage in candid conversations about both challenges and successes. No topic is off limits; we're dedicated to fostering open dialogue to drive meaningful progress.

During the Summit, we'll facilitate small group discussions, addressing pressing issues that may be uncomfortable but are pivotal for our collective growth. From the significance of Larger Brands vs. Challenger Brands to the efficacy of Vendor Programs and the nuances of Prebooking vs. ASAP Orders, we'll dive deep into topics crucial for our businesses' evolution. And yes, we'll confront the "elephant in the room" ā€“ E-commerce ā€“ head-on.

As a member of the RIA board and Craft's Sales Director, my perspective naturally leans towards smaller brands. However, I recognize the vital role larger brands play in our industry and vice versa. The collaboration between small brands and specialty retailers not only meets the rising demand for authenticity and uniqueness but also cultivates a sense of community within our industry.

This collaboration sets specialty retailers apart from larger stores and higher-volume brands, creating a distinct identity and fostering customer loyalty. By embracing collaboration and sharing insights, we can collectively push boundaries, explore new growth avenues, and enrich the industry as a whole.

I eagerly anticipate our discussions at the 2024 RIA Summit, where we'll collectively chart a course for the future of our industry. See you there!

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