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Sales Rep Membership

The RIA’s mission is to foster collaboration between brands and retailers. So naturally, it makes sense to include the group that creates the strongest connection between retail and brand members: Independent sales reps and agencies.
  • Market Intelligence
    Reps will know how the channel is performing with key sales metrics when they receive the RIA’s free weekly Benchmarks Reports. RIA Pulse - the RIA’s free monthly newsletter that is for, and by, our members.
  • Access to the RIA Jobs Board

    Allowing reps and agencies to seek energetic and qualified new reps

  • RIA Rep Finder
    An online, searchable tool that details Rep territories and lines so brands, retailers and reps have this valuable information at their fingertips
  • Professional Development
    Professional development in the form of future seminars and peer sharing

Become a member today!

Put the RIA to work for you today and benefit from a powerful network that actively supports the specialty run channel.