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PDC for Retailers

Ever dream of a world where tracking down each brand’s product data, spending countless, brain-numbing hours organizing it and correcting keystroke errors were things of the past? RIA has realized just that with one easy-to-use source for clean data. Here’s how: 

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  • Streamlined Data Management
    The PDC removes the burden of searching for, manually formatting and managing product data. You will find ALL the data you need in one, centralized location.
  • Easily Organize Data
    Drag and drop products to swiftly create assortments.
  • One-Click Uploads
    Publish product assortments to your third-party platforms including e-commerce, digital marketing, and POS with a click of a button.
  • Instant Data Changes + MAP Notifications
    Changes, like MAP information, will instantly populate across your product assortments, and you will get a push notification about it too. No more sorting through MAP updates via email for that tiny change that applies to your inventory.

Plus RIA Data Administrators will offer support and training so you can make the most of the PDC. 

Common Questions

Each POS is different. Does the PDC map data to my exact naming conventions?
The PDC will provide a variety of commonly used naming conventions at the time of data export.
Does the PDC work with POS, ecom, and other 3rd party platforms?
The RIA will build API connectors for all 3rd party providers to ensure the transactional efficiencies that access to the same data set will create. To that end, we are directly working with RICS, Lightspeed, Heartland, Fitted, Run Free Project, Upper Quadrant, Omni, Optio, Elastic, and SMS. Have a provider that's not listed? Let them know you want them to be a part of the PDC!
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RIA retailer members will have free access to the platform through 2023. In 2024 there will be a subscription fee associated with usage. The exact cost is yet to be determined.

Platform Access

Please preregister below to receive timely information as we approach the PDC launch date, including invitations to training modules and online FAQ discussions.

Have questions or feedbackabout the development process? Shoot us an email.