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National Run Safety Month 2023

One of the RIA’s core missions is to inform and raise awareness, and for this year’s National Run Safety Month, we feel it is important to recognize there are different experiences surrounding run safety that we have not yet explored.

While topics like visibility, situational awareness, and self-defense remain important to the concept of run safety, this year we're exploring an important new direction, in keeping with the RIA’s support of DEI initiatives. 

Specifically, the RIA is expanding the 2023 NRSM conversation with an examination of what run safety means for the BIPOC community, with multiple points of view designed to help members better understand the challenges BIPOC runners face. 

Our goal is to foster conversations on the path toward substantive action and productive solutions. 

As we approach the lower light, colder months of the year - running is even more important, but doing it safely is paramount. Join us in supporting National Run Safety Month by sharing the important tips, articles and resources below that you have found useful. Help your customers think about what run safety means for them and all the members of their community.