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PDC for Brands

Tired of fielding countless data requests from customers, wrangling data into various formats and policing MAP policies? RIA’s PDC will help your data team save time and your sales representatives better serve your customers. Here’s how:

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  • Easy Data Uploads
    No need to templatize your seasonal product data as the PDC accommodates all file types and formats. The PDC also organizes it for you to approve before accessible by retailers.
  • Retailer Access
    Retailers can export data in any format they need from the PDC, dramatically reducing requests for data and data formatting.
  • Customer Data
    With easy access to your retailer’s product data, uniform product information, and high data quality standards - you can better serve retailers.
  • Instant Product Data Changes
    Changes made on the PDC (ex. MAP info) will instantly populate across all retail users' product assortments, and these changes will be supported by push notifications to retailers.

Plus RIA Data Administrators will offer live support to ensure your data is imported and managed effectively.

Common Questions

Can brand control what retailer sees what data?

Brands will be able to set permissions in multiple ways. The most common permission is to ensure only their open account retailers have access to product data. They can also set permissions by product. For example, a special color can only accessible to a predetermined set of retailers.

What file formats are accepted for product data uploads from brands?
Excel (.xls) and comma-separated-values (.csv) files are the most common files for importing text based product data. For digital assets such as images and datasheets a wide range of file formats are supported such as jpg, png, pdf. It's unlikely that any commonly used file format will not be accepted.
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RIA brand members will have free access to the platform through 2023. In 2024 there will be a subscription fee associated with usage. The exact cost is yet to be determined. 

Platform Access

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