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Privacy Policy

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Member List Policy

We've provided a retail membership list for your reference, but want to make sure that you fully understand the two simple guidelines we've established to ensure that the list is used properly. 
  1. Access to the RIA retail member list is an exclusive member benefit, so the list is for your internal use only. The list should never be shared with any individual or entity outside your organization, or outside RIA membership.
  2. When you reach out to our retail members, we are perfectly OK with mentioning your RIA membership. In fact, we encourage it. You are also welcome and encouraged to offer special member discounts, but this is entirely optional. If you choose to offer a member discount, an appropriate communication is to say something on the order of "As an RIA member, you can take advantage of your RIA membership discount when you order our products."
What we want to avoid is any type of communication that either directly or indirectly implies an RIA endorsement of your brand or products. An example of inappropriate communication: "We're partnering with the RIA to offer you this special deal...". In short, we work hard to support our member brands, but we have to avoid the issues that could potentially arise when it appears we're favoring one brand over another. That would dilute our mission to support ALL members.