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Point of View

The RIA Point of View is an initiative that encourages members to share perspectives about emerging trends, exciting ideas and unique ideas in order to educate and share insights with other RIA members. It's simple, open and honest conversations with the driving force behind the specialty run sector: RIA members.

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By Eric Petrek, Global Ecommerce Director at Altra Running Brand Perspective Attending the RIA Summit as a brand representative with direct to consumer (DTC) as my day-to-day focus, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some trepidation as I boarded the plane to St. Louis to have a discussion with top run specialty thought leaders across the nation about DTC friction points. The purpose of DTC, separation of inventory, price promotions, exclusive colorways, and all the downstream effects of...

What's on your mind?

Have you been thinking about issues or ideas that would spur innovation and collaboration in the running industry? Do you know of a topic that has people concerned or excited, or keeps coming up in conversations about industry practices?

Share your thoughts about important topics from your unique point of view with RIA members. Any of these POV columns could become the impetus for new relationships and unexpected solutions, and RIA believes member contributions are the key to mutual understanding that leads to more success for all of us including retailer owners and employees, brands, customers, and everyone the running industry touches.

If you have a point of view to share with the RIA membership, we welcome you to submit a column for future distribution in the Pulse newsletter.

| RIA | Point of View
In this month's issue of the Pulse, the Running Industry Association (RIA) presents the final installment of a three-part series exploring brands' direct to consumer (DTC) sales policies. The discu...
| RIA | Point of View
In this month's issue of the Pulse, the Running Industry Association is presenting the second of a three-part series where we take a deep dive into the topic of brands' Direct to Consumer (DTC) sal...
| RIA | Point of View
We can't shy away from the fact that there are multiple pain points for retailers when it comes to DTC sales, so we'll begin by putting those issues on the table, and then hear the comments from 4 ...
| Amy Johnson | Point of View
By Amy Johnson, RIA Board Member and Craft Sports North America Director of Apparel Sales Let's engage! The RIA Summit is fast approaching, presenting a prime opportunity for brands and retailers ...