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Frequently Asked Questions

Each POS is different. Does the PDC map data to my exact naming conventions?

The PDC will provide a variety of commonly used naming conventions at the time of data export and will support many of the most popular POS systems. Each store may have differences or preferences in how their data is formatted. In these cases, the data may need to be tweaked once exported from the PDC. That said, retailers can request export customizations that will format the exports specific to your needs.

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Does the PDC work with POS, ecom, and other 3rd party platforms?

The RIA will build API connectors for all 3rd party providers to ensure the transactional efficiencies that access to the same data set will create. To that end, we are directly working with RICS, Lightspeed, Heartland, Fitted, Run Free Project, Upper Quadrant, Omni, Optio, Elastic, and SMS. Have a provider that's not listed? Let them know you want them to be a part of the PDC!

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Can brand control what retailer sees what data?

Brands will be able to set permissions in multiple ways. The most common permission is to ensure only their open account retailers have access to product data. They can also set permissions by product. For example, a special color can only accessible to a predetermined set of retailers.

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