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RIA Weekly Snapshots

Weekly Snapshots provide retailers and brands access to key data benchmarks and sales data.

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Industry Benchmarks delivered to your inbox weekly

The RIA Snapshot Benchmark Edition email delivers powerful metrics to help retailers see how their weekly performance compares to the industry, and where to focus their efforts. Brands can use the platform to gauge performance in the channel and for account management.  

Monday - Benchmarks Powerful metrics to help retailers know where to focus their efforts. Retailers can see how their weekly performance compares to the industry.

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  • Tuesday - Products At a glance category trends, top sellers, trending products, market share, brand loyalty, and inventory insights are available to help retailers optimize their buying decisions.
  • Wednesday - Leaderboards Leaderboards allow retailers to opt-in to a friendly competition around key metrics. You’re also able to connect with and learn from other top performing retailers.

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