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Running Industry Diversity Coalition

The Coalition’s Vision

Create a more equitable and inclusive running industry where race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status, socioeconomic status, and ability do not serve as barriers for full enjoyment. We exist to increase representation and access to employment, leadership and power for those who have historically been excluded from the running industry. We will work with all aspects of the run community, including but not limited to retailers, brands, national organizations, events, clubs, non-profits, and local businesses to improve until we can all truly say, running is for everybody.

Statement of Purpose

For the past 50+ years, run specialty retail businesses, race organizations, running brands and vendors have grown and developed as running became popular throughout the United States. Whether running on roads, trails, or tracks, signing up for a first 5K or running an ultra-marathon, we know that running can indeed be a beautiful and life changing experience.

Running has been characterized as accessible and offering an opportunity to gain fitness and self worth wherever the journey began, but in practice this has not been the case for all. As a collective industry, we admit that we have not acknowledged the barriers that BIPOC have faced, did not make enough effort to understand those barriers when brought to our attention, and have not been motivated enough to remove them. That ends now.

We come to this coalition knowing that the running industry is rooted in whiteness and systemic racism and that this is no longer something we will stand for.

We feel passionately that running, walking, and fitness should be accessible for everyone and it should allow anyone a safe path to personal health and wellness.

We believe movement changes our sense of self as well as the context of what is possible for living a healthy lifestyle. We support a healthy culture through amplifying opportunities, providing resources, and connecting people to movement. 

We understand that DEI work and a commitment to antiracism is the never ending ultramarathon with no medals ever being handed out. It's a journey of learning/unlearning and progress, both on an individual and team/brand/store basis.

Join us for a better tomorrow.

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