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Sneaker Impact


Recycle your gently used sneakers with us to keep them out of landfills and help us create opportunities for people in need.

It’s easy! Just request your box or bag online and we’ll do the rest! 

A free solution and service for retail stores, businesses, and the general public.

At Sneaker Impact, sustainability is our priority and our mission is to educate everyone on the many benefits of recycling their gently used sneakers and the lasting impact that has on global and environmental health. We are a social enterprise based out of Miami, FL.
Reduce Waste - Create Economic Impact - Contribute to Global Health
Giving your sneakers a new life, changes a life.
  • Your gently used sneakers are collected through drop-off locations and shipping bags.
  • They are offered at a fraction of their value to create small businesses in developing countries.
  • Local merchants revive and resell your sneakers in their communities, providing affordable footwear in places where it’s not otherwise available.
  • With proper footwear, children are able to attend school and adults are able to work.
  • Did you know only ~13% of shoes in the US are recycled each year?

If you would like to partner as a drop off location or wish to speak to a team member, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more info please visit
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