Amphipod® - running, race and adventure gear engineered for unmatched comfort and performance. Amphipod specifically makes hydration belts, bottle packs, handheld bottle carriers, customizable hydration packs and belts, low-profile bottles, bottles for running and outdoor, Stainless steel bottles for running and active sports, quick access add-on hydration bottles and flasks, nutrition and energy fuel belts and carriers, snap-access nutrition carriers, energy/fuel gel flasks and carriers. To keep runners, walkers and outdoor enthusiasts visible in low-light conditions Amphipod® makes high visibility and reflective vests, reflective bands and belts, LED flashing and illuminating lights, reflective harnesses, reflective straps, high visibility arm and leg bands, LED illuminating arm, wrist and leg bands and stretch-comfort illumination bands. For carrying essentials Amphipod® makes running packs, running pouches, lock-on pouches, lock-on pouches for carrying iPhones, cell phone carriers for running, music armband carriers, armband carriers for iPod and cell phones. For carrying music, iPhones, cell phones and other electronic items, Amphipod® makes armband carriers, waist packs, waist belts, wristbands and lock-on waist pouches. For race and training gear for marathons, triathlons, ultraraces, and running clubs Amphipod® makes race number belts, race number add-on tabs, shoe pouches and pockets for race chips, nike+ system and pedometers, triathlon transition packs, packs for running gear and essentials, belts for carrying fuel, liquids and other race essentials. Other personal items that people carry in Amphipod® carriers include bee sting kits, eye drops, aspirin, gel, keys, epipens, cards, ID, sunscreen, insulin pumps, sunglasses, endurance tablets, chapstick, passport, trail mix and other energy fuel/food.

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