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The long history of FALKE is characterized by its constant striving for the utmost quality. This is not only about the manufacturing and product quality, however, but all the facets of the FALKE brand. It is defined by the finest available materials, the very latest production techniques and each FALKE product must be the best of its kind. Good craftsmanship is our guaranteed origin and we are passionate about producing the highest quality.

In 1996, FALKE created the brand FALKE ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM with the aim to apply the long term knitting expertise into the field of sports biomechanics. FALKE ESS is developed in collaboration with sports scientists and is specifically created to the anatomical needs of sports for unrestricted movement, optimal climatic conditions and ultimate support to experience comfort while performing at your best.

FALKE constantly invents something new and at the same time ensures continuity of the brand, maintaining its identity and appeal from one generation to the next. Curiosity, eagerness to experiment, willingness to learn and the will to constructively overcome the inevitable internal and external resistance against innovation keeps FALKE ahead. Diverse product innovations from our company have asserted themselves in the marketplace and our FALKE Ergonomic Sport System has developed specialised products with added benefits for the most varied spheres of life.

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