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Fit Specialist - Philadelphia Runner

To help guests regardless of experience level, background, or knowledge to achieve their health and fitness goals and create a premium in-store experience. This may mean the best fitness apparel and footwear, but it may also mean connecting with local running clubs, stretching and injury prevention, or getting the most from their cross-training experience.

Philadelphia Runner (PR) is a resource for making those goals possible and you are the guide to connect to those resources.

PR recognizes that YOU are our most important resource in connecting to the greater Philadelphia community. In support of you, PR senior staff meet with all staff to ensure that you are happy and successful both inside and outside of the store. PR does monthly staff trainings, meetings, and product seeding to ensure that you can reach your goals.  Balance and community are important for overall wellness. PR places a premium on staff self-care and creating an environment where staff are supported inside and outside of the store.

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