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RIA Retailer Survey Results Part 2

Woman smiling at retail product
Part two of our recent member survey asked our retailers to tell us about who their customers are, why they’re buying running products, what their running habits are, and what activities they participate in. The answers may not be surprising to most of our members, but they do reveal opportunities.  

For example, run specialty customers purchase shoes most often to run in, but running shoes are also used for a wide variety of general fitness activities, including fashion. That statistic should inform stores how to best cater to their customers not just for shoes, but also for their apparel and accessories assortments. Also, while the channel has done a great job attracting Generation X customers – with Millennials not far behind, there exists an opportunity to grow business by attracting more Generation Z customers. And finally, the weekly mileage data supports the fact that product solutions should continue to focus on fit and comfort as much as gait, given that short of a serious gait issue, most customers are probably not running enough to get injured, so their choices are much broader.

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  • RIA
  • Published: Sep 11, 2023

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