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RIA Summit Programming Details

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Tuesday, April 30th Sessions

Session #1 (8:30 am) - The Future of Buying/Inventory Management - Led by Justin Porter, Lance Muzslay + RIA Board Members
In this workshop format, store buyers will review current best practices and get insight into the tools that will help create efficiencies and improved forecasting. For Buyers/Brands

Session #1 (8:30 am) - Navigating Digital Marketing in the Age of AI - Led by Upper Quadrant, Omni + RIA Board Members 
In this workshop session, attendees will learn about the quickly evolving digital marketing landscape and the emerging tools that will create greater efficiency and stronger customer connections. For Owners/GMs, Brand & Store Marketers 

Session #2 (9:45 am)  - Book More, Chase Less - Futures Planning - Led by RIA Board Members 
This peer-sharing session, moderated by RIA board members and RIA brand partners, will examine the key pain points retailers and brands face when planning future orders. The session will also discuss how the channel can move more effectively to the right inventory at the right time. For Buyers/Brands

Session #2 (9:45 am) - Retaining and Elevating Your Superstars - What’s Next? - Led  RIA Board Members
This peer-sharing session will begin with a brief panel discussion detailing current and future tools for retaining key staff. It will be followed by moderated, small-group peer-sharing discussions. For Owners /GMs

Wednesday, May 1st Sessions

Session #1 (8:30 am) - How to Best Partner in the DTC Environment - Led by Board Members + Key Brand Members
In this small group format, RIA board members will review the findings from the RIA's recent three-part series on DTC. Attendees will then break into moderated small groups for discussion with brand members. These conversations are designed to foster a greater understanding of the issues surrounding DTC, and attendees will take away informed solutions. For Owners/Buyers/Brands

Session #1 (8:30 am) - Cultivating Store Culture, with an Eye Toward Inclusion - Led by Kiera Small of RIDC + RIA Board Members
This peer-sharing discussion will kick off with a panel of retail leaders who will help define store culture from the perspective of how fostering a diverse staff benefits the business and attracts a broader customer base. The ‘Expanding your Customer Base' session is recommended along with this session. For Owners/GMs 

Session #2 (9:45 am) - RIA Product Data Collaborative Training - Led by Lance Muzslay + RIA IT Staff
This workshop session, led by the RIA's lead IT specialist and board IT expert, will review the PDC interface, highlight the platform's key features, and get retailer feedback. If you can't attend, there will also be an ongoing option near check-in to explore the PDC. For Buyers/Key Staff/Brands 


Thursday, May 2nd Sessions

Session #1 (8:30 am) - Expanding your Customer Base Led by Erin Flynn of Bentley University + RIA Board Members

This peer sharing session will feature a moderated discussion from industry experts about simple steps that you can implement immediately to make your store more inclusive and attract new customers,without losing your existing customer base. The notion of adding without subtracting is a central theme. Attendees will work in small groups to brainstorm strategies that will be shared with the larger group.For Owners/GMs.

Session #2 (9:45 am) - Improving Staff Training - Led by RIA Board Members
This peer-sharing session will kick off with a brief panel of experts who will review staff training best practices, and then break into moderated small group sessions designed to inform actionable takeaways. For Owners/GMs  


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