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For more than 45 years, Pacific Northwest-based Superfeet has been creating innovative insoles featuring the Superfeet® shape, helping millions of people worldwide experience unparalleled comfort, pain relief, and performance. Today, Superfeet continues that spirit of innovation, combining state-of-the-art biometric data capture and 3D-printing technology to create personalized, made-for-you orthotic solutions. Every year, Superfeet gives 1% of sales and countless volunteer hours to help shape a strong foundation for a healthy future. For more information, visit


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GOREWEAR designs and innovates products specifically tailored for endurance athletes, elevating their experiences across diverse weather conditions. Employing a scientific approach, GOREWEAR deeply comprehends the challenges endurance athletes encounter and strives to formulate effective solutions. Discover more at

GOREWEAR Run offers technical jackets, shirts, vests, shorts, tights, pants, and accessories.



Ciele is a brand committed to design, sustainability and running culture.  We like to say that we started at the top (literally with caps), but have since found the bandwidth to keep progressing headwear and push into apparel.  We believe in small business and that the world needs running.  

More info at

Dealer inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (it's a yes).  

Everybody Run.  

True Motion US


Fewer injuries means more running..WOW!! That was what we set out to achieve, the result is what may be the ultimate running shoe, True Motion. Our Patented U-Tech technology was borrowed from our own biology, it was there right in front of us. Up until now it was somehow missed. Our patented horseshoe shape mimics your very heel shape and padding. When heel strike occurs, your heel bone sinks down into open space and immediately trampolines you up and out of the impact minimizing the shock and helps propel you forward with your natural gait. This minimizes the stress on your achilles all the way up through your knees and hip. Center Your Run!

Our Run Better Research Project proved U-Tech technology reduced injuries significantly. This technology was achieved through the scientific findings of Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Bruggemann, head of the Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sports University Cologne for decades. He has been part of numerous innovative running shoe developements for other successful brands before True Motion. Andre Kriwet and Christian Arens, 2 of the other founders will be at our booth. Also our colleague, Dr. Adam Teichman, Chief, Division of Podiatric Surgery at Sacred Heart Hospital will be available to discuss our technology/biomechanics and foot health for runners.

Center Your Run!





hylo athletics




Strong outer nylon sheath designed to flex and last through the toughest conditions that out lasts any of our competitors.Innovative inner rubber core that will provide you the tension strength for the perfect fit you desire. Caterpy is the only no tie shoelace approved by podiatrist and sport medicine doctors.


Our elastic laces improve your feet’s blood circulation as they naturally swell throughout the day. Knots from traditional laces create choking points and constrict your feet.


Caterpy laces can convert your favorite shoes into slip-ons. Lace up once and customize your perfect fit.
There’s no need to readjust laces everyday!


Our patented elastic bump technology secures tension in each row of the shoe. This secures your shoe on your feet better than relying on a single knot or plastic piece.


Clove shoes are made for folks on their feet, whether for work or for play. Our shoes were originally designed for healthcare workers – for their longest days, and their toughest messes. Now, our sturdy, comfortable, just-won’t-quit sneakers are trusted for all kinds of active pursuits.

At Clove, we are:

We support you on the job and off with the perfect Clove fit. We also uplift you with transparent, inclusive, and encouraging stories from our 1-million-plus wearers and their communities.

We take care of you, just as you take care of others. Whether it's a colorway that strides with Pride, a heritage campaign, or an effortless size exchange, we engage with a kind, intentional voice.

We did the research so that you don't have to—after extensive trials alongside a team of experts, we designed a shoe that best supports you.

Our initial demographic – dedicated healthcare workers – embraced our shoes and helped us grow. We created Clove with healthcare in mind, and this unique community remains at the heart of our brand.


Please reach out to our Director of Wholesale, Jason Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About Us

At UnTapped, we offer a wide array of all-natural athletic fuel that eliminates gut rot. Our New England roots led us to our primary carbohydrate, Pure Maple Syrup, for its simplicity and easy digestibility. Naturally, maple contains the nutrients athletes need for a simple, effective fuel. We maintain this purity while we thoughtfully create, package, and deliver UnTapped products to active individuals around the world. 

Beginning with an individual packet containing one hundred calories of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, UnTapped has grown to include an extensive line of “gel” packets, maple-based stroopwafels, and limited ingredient hydration mixes. Our broad yet simple product mix offers something for every user. From casual to serious, bikers to skiers, UnTapped products meet all needs.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients without synthetic “natural” flavors. Additionally, our entire line is vegan. In its simplicity, UnTapped stands out as the fuel for conscientious athletes.

The Story

UnTapped began on a bike and a pair of skis. Professional cyclist Ted King and the Cochran family of professional alpine skiers, naturally gravitated to the organic simplicity of maple syrup. There was nothing flashy about maple syrup or the slick work of advertisers and food chemists — they simply found that maple syrup truly worked for their energy needs in training and competition. With an understanding of the critical elements required in sports nutrition, maple syrup rose to be the only choice as a viable energy source for athletes. UnTapped was founded in late 2013.

Fueling Guide

Maple syrup is produced by removing water from maple sap. Maple sap is boiled until there’s at least 66% sugar content at which point the result is the maple syrup that we know and love — that’s it! This lack of heavy processing leaves a multitude of nutritional benefits which don’t need supplementation, an all too common practice in sports nutrition.


Maple syrup is the foundation for UnTapped nutrition. A nutrient rich, low-glycemic carbohydrate, maple syrup won’t spike and subsequently crash your energy, as you may experience with other carbohydrates. All UnTapped nutrition has calories, so no matter what UnTapped you’re consuming, you won’t be running on empty.


Mapleaid uses real ingredients – maple syrup, lemons, black tea, ginger and sea salt – each with real world, performance-boosting traits that keep you properly hydrated better than water alone. As an easy-to-use powdered drink mix, Mapleaid helps you maintain a proper fluid balance.


Maple syrup is packed with nutrients, especially as compared to other, more inert energy sources. Maple syrup inherently contains vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These electrically charged minerals and compounds help your body do work, facilitate muscle contraction, and allow you to perform at your best. 

Benchmark Nutrition Guide

The most important variables related to how much you should consume are:

  • the length of time (long or short)
  • level of intensity (hard or easy)
  • the conditions (hot or cold, humid or dry)

Longer, harder, and hotter/more humid events require greater quantities of calories, hydration, and electrolytes. But that doesn’t mean just water on cold days! You body still always craves the trio of calories, hydration, and electrolytes.

The following sets the benchmark. From here, you can hone these more precisely to your specific needs. We suggest having your energy topped up before going into an athletic event. Whether training or competing, your best performance occurs with proper fueling.



MBT® – For The Human Movement™

With a strong science and innovation foundation, MBT® has a unique approach that understands the human benefits of health, wellness and staying on the move. We know our consumers have realistic health and fitness ambitions. They want to maintain a healthy lifestyle which enables them to live and love life to the fullest.

However, for many the pursuit of living a more active lifestyle is difficult. The packed nature of our busy schedules means that healthy activity gets squeezed out by life commitments. MBT® wants to break the start-stop cycle of broken health and fitness resolutions by working with the reality of today’s consumer. When wearing MBT® shoes, whether standing or walking, one can’t help but be “on the move” due to its patented construction.

So whether you are going for a walk or just standing there, you're on the move. And if you just happen to want to look mighty cool in the process, we understand that too. It's only human.

Our Sole purpose

The natural instability of the unique MBT® sole imitates walking on soft, uneven surfaces. The technology in the sole has been patented worldwide to provide the greatest comfort possible, as it allows you to enjoy the natural benefits of walking every day.

The patented MBT® SensorTechnology tm produces what has been described as a pleasant and natural feeling, reminiscent of walking on a sandy beach. The Pivot Axis promotes a rolling movement, which in turn may help increase lower limb muscle activation in your every step.

Designed for you

With sleek and stylish silhouettes, bright color pops, as well as the popular blacks and browns, there are designs for all occasions, overall the range is more lightweight, more durable and more comfortable than ever, ensuring our consumers can find the perfect pair for their unique journey.

Get Moving In MBT®!

To optimize the use of MBT® shoes, we have created a series of specially designed exercises. The implementation of these exercises means that MBT®can be used not only for everyday activities but also as a training device.

Our Index

Our MBT® Index simplifies the process of finding the right level of MBT® shoe for your needs. It ranks MBT® into one of three categories, starting at Activate, our least level of rock, and progressing through Dynamic and ending with our highest level of rock, Performance.