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Foot Balance

Personalised fit matters

FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles are moulded and personalised to the unique contours of your feet. Available to buy online if you have a MyFootBalance 3D foot scan. Just log in to your account and select your favourite insole. 

Ready-to-wear custom insoles

QuickFit is our ready-to-wear insole range. They do not require a 3D foot scan, and you can heat-mould them conveniently at home and customise them for yourself.

Socks with a purpose

Technical socks relieve symptoms, help prevent injuries, support quicker recovery, and improve your performance by providing targeted compression and support to your feet.


Since 2005, VEJA has been creating sneakers in a different way, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials.

VEJA uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and various innovative materials conceived in recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester.

VEJA sneakers are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil. Part of VEJA’s logistics is managed by Log’ins, a professional and social inclusion company.


We are Zensah. We are a compression and sports apparel brand that strives to revolutionize the way athletes, of all kinds, achieve and perform. As a pioneer in the industry of compression technology since 2004, our brand lives where innovation and design meet. Our brand name is derived from the Italian word "SENZA" - meaning “to be without" - because we believe athletes should be without limits. This is our ethos and at our core, we enable athletes to unlock their limitless potential through cutting edge products and effective benefits.     


We strive to meet athletes where they are in their athletic journey. Are you a beginner runner looking to maximize your workout session or a high performing athlete looking to gain minutes off your marathon time? We’ve got you covered. We seek to use innovation for the greater good of athletes, allowing those who love to move to move more, go farther, and perform #withoutlimitz.
Using compression and seamless construction as a foundation, we bring to life exciting products for every aspect of your athletic journey. From improved circulation to pain relief & recovery, our products will fit your athletic goals and aspirations, whatever they may be.


With our celebrated Limited Edition program, you can have your leg sleeves and socks in a range of timely, lively, and eye-catching novelty designs. There is always a Zensah design to match your personality, mood, or the holiday season.


We are committed to our planet. We're incorporating more and more recycled and sustainable materials into every product we make. Also, Zensah’s Seamless manufacturing process is an “additive” rather than “subtractive” process. We make the garments by adding materials until we have them completed, instead of making excessive fabric and cutting out what we need. What are the results? Let’s put it into perspective: for every 1000 pairs of seamless leg sleeves produced, we save 125 kg of fabric waste over typical manufacturing processes. We're striving for sustainability. We're striving for a better future.
We will work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience with Zensah. Our Zensah Family takes pride in our carefully designed and rigorously tested products, but we are constantly searching for breakthrough ways to improve. Want to learn more about our technology? Need a product recommendation? Or just want to say how happy you are with your new Zensah items? Reach out to us! We'll be happy to hear from you!



We’re daydreamers and we’re proud of it. Firmly believing in our visions of modern living and aesthetics, we prefer to make them a public statement instead of hiding behind impersonal anonymity. The perfect design, of course, comes in many different guises– but only one meets our personal preferences. That's why like-minded individuals come together in social environments both large and small where they share specific lifestyles, shopping habits and cultural preferences. We'd probably be exaggerating by calling it elitist thinking, but a touch of ritual behaviour remains undeniable in any tailored environment we experience – which, after all, is what makes it irresistible.

The FALKE scene is made up of multilingual globetrotters, headstrong individuals, curious explorers, fanatical perfectionists, sensitive creative types and incorrigible aesthetes. Their imagery, their interior design and their clothing are visible expressions of their instincts. We feel at home in their midst. We constantly keep them in mind as we pursue the perfect design and the best handcrafted quality. Our friends who share our ethos expect their understanding of aesthetics to be perfectly translated into modern clothing. We make jumpers, bodies, fine tights and legwear whose designs help transform our shared sense of style into a reality with harmonious fabrics and colours. No, you aren't dreaming.

We have always had a vision of pooling our knowledge of legwear – established and collected throughout the 125-year company history – to create a unique new product line. To this end, we brought together all of our artisans, who not only practise their craft but live it.

We approached experts in their trade, who are able to master complex knitting machines as if they were traditional artisanal tools. They create results that come alive and evoke astonishment and admiration. They collaborate with true craftsmen, who are now a rare breed. These, in turn, are masters in ancient traditions of refining and finishing legwear with their delicate hand-crafting. When machines come up against their limitations, these craftsmen begin putting the finishing touches on their work to create the perfect product.

We sent out scouts who are well-acquainted with the sources of the finest materials, including vicuña, cashmere, camel hair and silk, the best Merino wool, the finest fil d'Ecosse and piuma cottons. These sources are spread across the world. Not only do our scouts know of these sources, they show great respect to the people there who hand-make such fabrics according to ancient traditions.

We called upon our designers, masters of shape, colour, patterns and texture, whose expertise includes the ability to reinterpret the creative element of contemporary fashion, time and time again.

And now we address all of those around the world, for whom luxury does not represent excess but rather the liberty of rewarding themselves with the very best. They do not need luxury. It is enough for them to know that, at least for the time being, it doesn't get better than this. They want to be able to enjoy peaceful, silent moments of luxury time and again, revelling in the pleasure of it.


Three decades ago, Kahtoola Owner and Founder Danny Giovale experienced a life-changing accident in the Italian Dolomites. It was a moment of growth for Danny and led to the creation of our first hiking crampon, designed specifically for flexible footwear: the Kahtoola Traction System, or KTS.

Today, our expanding collection of traction, gaiters, and hiking crampons continue to help others grow by empowering them to discover more accessible and more rewarding experiences in the outdoors. Based high on the Colorado Plateau in Flagstaff, Arizona, we're passionate about sharing love of the outdoors with others – and we're committed to protecting and giving back to the places and communities that inspire us through our holistic philanthropy and sustainability programs. Kahtoola means "directly" in Tibetan – and we enable people to go directly where they want to go.

Kahtoola is a proud sponsor of numerous events around the running world including, Hardrock 100 Ultramarathon, Transrockies run, and the Uphill Challenge. 

Zen Running Club

When we started debating what a modern running brand should be it was clear that there was a huge gap between what was available, and what we wanted to see. So we asked the question ⎻ what if you didn’t have to choose between performance, sustainability and style? 

We embarked on a journey to build high performance sustainable running shoes – without any compromise. Made from the best plant powered innovation available. A product that gives all that is needed and nothing more.

At heart we are a bunch of athletes, dreamers and mavericks tired of the status quo ⎻ we struggle with our love of the outdoors whilst seeing the damage that is being done to it, so we made a decision ⎻let’s do the best we can to change it, and bring as many people as we can along for the run. 

We love pushing the boundaries, test after test, proto after proto and mile after mile. This process gives us insights into how far things can go, and where we need to work to make things better. For us this is a never-ending journey to see how far plant-powered innovation can take us.

This isn’t the final destination, but a big step in the right direction.



Softer impact with greater propulsion. Vimazi is at one with your pace.

Like you, we know how good a lively run feels.  We also want to keep our bodies healthy. So we can run more! That's why we set out to make running shoes that maximize cushioning while providing an energetic, lively pushoff.  The journey led us to something that's never been done before. Pace-tuned running shoes.

Scott Tucker is constantly working to trim minutes off his marathon time. So it’s not surprising that during a 6am interval workout in 2017, he had a brainstorm—shoes tuned to specific pace zones should respond more efficiently to the forces generated in running than non-tuned shoes. This had not been investigated before! So, with a team of scientists, Scott conducted the basic research to prove the theory. He used his math to immediately start developing pace tuned shoes and applied for a patent.

With solid data and a patent pending, Scott grabbed his high school running buddy John Zilly, a marathoner himself, and together they formed Vimazi. From its inception, in fact the very soul of the concept, Vimazi been about bringing the best performance to runners of all abilities and aspirations. Instead of making shoes for the elite runners and then selling them to the rest of us, Vimazi tunes the shoes to the pace you run, whatever that pace may be when you head out.

It’s important to know that the word “Vimazi” isn’t random. It comes from Greek roots meaning “pace zone.” Our flying V logo is inspired by the symbol for velocity in physics equations. We have a lot of fun running, but we take the math and physics that back up our technology seriously. That process forced us to relearn everything we thought we knew about running shoes. As we launch our first shoes in 2022, we’re ready to share that rethinking with runners like you, because a lively run is a better run. Plus, nabbing a PB is always nice. Get ready for a paradigm shift.




Therabody provides an ecosystem of wellness solutions redefining modern health and well-being. Our products and services give people access to innovative, personalized technologies that empower people to feel better and live healthier lives. As the authority on whole body wellness and the category creator of percussive massage therapy with its flagship device, Theragun, Therabody aims to radically change the way people think about self-care through scientifically backed solutions.

We continue to bring innovation throughout our entire process, including manufacturing, packaging and operations - the organization is taking steps to eliminate 85% of plastic use from its packaging, shipping, and supply chain. We are also investing part of our research and development around sustainable material alternatives throughout our product engineering process, so we can continue our mission to build healthier communities.

Our work is founded on the principle that access to innovative technologies and education focused on recovery, rest, relief and relaxation are the building blocks to healthier communities. At the very core of Therabody’s ecosystem of wellness, technologies is a foundation rooted in science, innovative research, and development with a unique customer-centric perspective on design and experience.

Our ecosystem of products and wellness solutions is ideal for the running community. Whether running for fun or training for a full marathon, Therabody solutions are perfect for pre-run warm-up, post-run recovery, and injury prevention.

We provide retail training for your staff to feel empowered talking to customers about the products and ultimately increasing sales. We’ll work with you to create customizable solutions for in-store customer activation – from shoe fittings to workshops to run clubs and everything in between. We are here to help you drive sales and keep your community engaged and running happy!

FITS socks

Honoring the past. Changing the future.

Since 2010 FITS® has been crafting premium merino socks. Dedicated to keeping the tradition of American manufacturing  excellence alive, our focus remains on quality.

Using patented technology and the finest materials available, FITS® socks are crafted to deliver a truly custom fit, tailored for any foot and every adventure. Our mission is simple:

Deliver the best-fitting, most-comfortable feeling sock ever made. Something you’ll love, that lasts.

FITS® socks. Made in the USA. 2-Year Guarantee. Family Owned.


Founded in 1948 by Aileen and E.B. Wrightenberry in the basement of their home. They bought irregulars and sorted and packed into 3 pair bundles for supermarkets. In the mid 1950’s they moved into the plant located in Graham, NC. In 1967 Jerry Wrightenberry took over the company. He moved the company into finishing for large mills. The company finished and packed socks being ship to big box retail chains. In 1989 Joey Wrightenberry joined the company. In 1989 Wrightenberry Mills began the process of purchasing their 1st Knitting machines to better serve their customers. In 1990 the brand Wrightsock was founded with the ideal to make the best blister free socks available. We began the production of Double Layer socks and selling into the running market. Sabrina Welch joined the company in 1995. In 2000 the company moved to a larger facility in Burlington, NC. Today Wrightsock is run by siblings Joey Wrightenberry and Sabrina Welch, while Jerry still acts as a consultant on a number of subjects. And as of 2021 Nicholas Wrightenberry has joined Wrightsock, marking the fourth generation for the company.


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