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Having a loyal partner in business is a valuable tool. Imagine having an entire community of industry partners behind you as you face the challenges presented by an increasingly complex marketplace. A membership in the Running Industry Association (RIA) is an opportunity to build a support network connecting you to people and resources with similar goals, drive and values.
Select your membership type below to Join or Renew with the RIA. If you are renewing your membership, a convenient Auto-Renewal option is available so that you can keep your membership going from year to year. By enrolling in auto-renew, you’ll be ensuring your contribution never lapses so you won’t miss out on constant access to our exclusive members-only benefits.

Still undecided about joining our dynamic, specialty running retail community? Explore our member benefits and discover how being a part of our non-profit organization can help your business thrive by receiving market advantages that are available only to RIA members. 

COMING SOON! Sales Representative Membership   COMING SOON! Sales Agency Membership    

For individual sales representatives that want to connect with our Brand network.
You must be an independent rep with a diversified product portfolio, and not be employed by or contracted to a solitary Brand member.

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For agencies with teams of sales representatives that want to connect with our Brand network.
Your agency must consist of independent reps with diversified product portfolios, and cannot be a company that solely represents a solitary Brand member. 

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