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Improvements and changes to RIA Freight Discount Program

Published on | Travis Mulls | News & Updates

RIA is pleased to offer its members two new ways to save on shipping. In a continuous effort to support the running retail channel, we’ve teamed up with FedEx and PartnerShip™ to help alleviate the shipping challenges that many stores in our industry face.
Image of people carrying boxes
Image of people carrying boxes

For small package shipments, members can receive industry leading discounts on FedEx.

  • Up to 53% off FedEx Express
  • Up to 40.3% off FedEx Ground
  • Up to 37.2% off FedEx Home Delivery

To access the discounts, members need to enroll in the FedEx Advantage Program by filling out a simple form. Members who don’t currently have a FedEx account can easily open one during the enrollment process. For existing accounts, an audit is conducted to ensure the RIA discounts are better than the current pricing before being added. From there, once the discounts are added to the account, there are no extra steps to use them — they’re automatically applied.

Not only do members receive discounts on their FedEx shipments, but they’re also backed by the support of a team of experts who can help if any issue arises. The FedEx Advantage Team at PartnerShip is available to assist members with any questions or concerns.

Sign up for FedEx Advantage discounts and start saving.

For larger freight shipments over 150 lbs., members receive competitive pricing from TForce Freight, YRC, XPO, Saia, and other reputable carriers. This benefit is made available by PartnerShip, a trusted freight broker since 1989.

Shipments that come from vendors can eat away at store profits, but there are ways to minimize the impact. PartnerShip works with running stores to help them manage their inbound shipments more efficiently, while securing lower rates from carriers. The team at PartnerShip will create custom routing instructions that RIA members can use to ensure merchandise is shipped to them in a way that is the most cost efficient for their store.

Learn more about the freight services available through PartnerShip and get started.

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