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RIA February '22 Board Update

Published on | Terry Schalow | News & Updates

The vote is in, and the RIA is pleased to announce that our Board of Directors slate for 2022 has been approved by our members.
RIA Logo on red background
RIA Logo on red background

Our thanks to those who took part in the voting process, and we also want to sincerely thank our members who threw their names into the mix for the board slate selection.  

Your newly elected board members for 2022 are: 

  • Jen Brummit, Gazelle Sports
  • Andrea Lehmkuhler - Point 2 Running Company
  • Jeff Metzdorff - Mill City Running
  • Nick Kovaleski - A Runner’s Mind
  • Matt Weiss - Brooks
  • Dan Gardner - Feetures 
  • Lance Muzslay - Optio 

Incumbent Board Members for 2022 are: 

  • Daniel Greenhalgh - Skinny Raven
  • Ross Martinson - Philly Running Company
  • Dustin Pearce - Run Hub NW
  • Trey Vernon - Manhattan Running Company
  • Joe Toth - Saucony
  • Ken Larscheid - Running Lab
  • Scott Rakestraw - Upper Quadrant 

At our first board meeting of the year -in accordance with RIA bylaws- the new board of directors selected officers.  Your 2022 RIA Board Officers are: 

  • Ross Martinson - President
  • Ken Larscheid - Vice President
  • Daniel Greenhalgh - Treasurer
  • Trey Vernon - Secretary 

The board of directors and our executive director would also like to extend our thanks to the board members whose service terms have ended.  Please join us in thanking outgoing RIA Board President Kathy Dalby, John Benedict, Genie Beaver, Ted Goodlake, and Bob Kennedy for their service to the channel.  We’re looking forward to building on the strong working culture established by Kathy and the 2021 board. We can’t operate without the dedication of our board members, and their efforts are sincerely appreciated. 

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