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Benchmarks in Action

Published on | Skinny Raven | News & Updates

Skinny Raven Sports general manager Aimee Chauvot is an early adopter of the RIA’s Weekly Snapshots powered by UQ Cadence. Since the fall of 2021, this has been a key tool in measuring team performance and sharing information with the team in Anchorage, Alaska.

What do you like most about the snapshots? 

Honestly, I am willfully ignoring my job if I don’t utilize this data. IT IS THAT EASY.  The weekly snapshot emails remind me to check our stats which is super helpful. While drinking my morning coffee I hit the easy-to-navigate dashboard where I can filter data quickly and easily. It puts key metrics in front of us with minimal clicks! 

How do you utilize the snapshots? 

There are two main ways we use the data. 

1 - Coaching the team effectively and collaboratively - Our floor lead team is actively looking at the Q2 leaderboard and dashboard data to see how our team is doing with socks and inserts. Who is keeping us afloat? Who needs help? Then we look into the context of each individual and figure out how to support them in the best way possible. I really see this as a “coaching tool”. We compare performance against goals and figure out how we can raise all boats.

2 - Metrics to achieve goals - When my team started looking at our store vs the industry we saw our email capture rate was rather low. We had a staff challenge to increase it from 38% to 60% in just 3 months. We climbed about 7% after setting this stretch goal. We still have room for improvement but definitely made steps in the right direction by tracking our progress and simply asking if customers wanted a receipt emailed to them at the end of every transaction. 

How will you use the data moving forward?

Overall Cadence is a helpful tool to call on during our team meetings as it gives us a quick and easy data set that can guide our conversations and planning. Anything that's transparent and quick is welcomed!

We are excited to get deeper into the brand and category reporting this year. Skinny Raven Sports had such a great 2021. Our mantra is “lightning can strike twice” if you plan for it and be intentional. Using Cadence can help us get there. 

Learn more about RIA Weekly Snapshots powered by Upper Quadrant Cadence and sign up today. 

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