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Update from RIA Executive Director

Published on | Terry Schalow | News & Updates

Imagine a community garden in your neighborhood, where every resident is invited to contribute.  This garden promises a variety of fresh, healthy produce that can improve everyone's health and quality of life. However, to truly reap the bounty that the garden can provide, each household needs to be actively involved, tending to the plants and the soil, and sharing their knowledge. The RIA’s current work in progress, the Product Data Collaborative (PDC), is like a community garden of brand product data.
People in garden collaborating
People in garden collaborating

The PDC is a platform designed to yield benefits for all its users – brands, retailers, and associates alike. Just as the garden requires every neighbor’s effort to cultivate a productive harvest, the success of the PDC hinges on RIA membership engagement.

Engagement is the critical hinge that needs to work if we all want to see this initiative reach its full potential. However, in the latest membership survey, 40% of our respondents had never heard of the PDC. This somewhat sobering data point makes us acutely aware of the importance of getting the story out there. So if a portion of our members aren’t yet aware of the PDC, then the RIA’s mission is clear: we must be committed to supporting everyone  in their journey to learn about the project, and be ready to use the tool when it goes live in October.  

Here’s a few ways we’re going to get everyone in the loop:   

  • PDC Webpage: In a few weeks, the RIA will introduce a dedicated webpage that explains the platform's ins and outs. Just like a map to the garden, this webpage will guide you through what the collaborative can achieve and how it can transform the way you do business.
  • Short Videos: The RIA will provide a series of short, informative videos. Think of these videos as helpful gardening tutorials – they'll break down the complexities of the platform step by step. The first video is available in this issue of the Pulse Newsletter.
  • Roundtable Conversations: Joining roundtable conversations is akin to gathering in the garden with fellow enthusiasts. These discussions will offer an opportunity to delve deeper, ask questions, and gain insights from others who are equally excited about the platform's potential.
  • Training Sessions: Just as the gardeners might provide workshops on cultivating specific crops, the RIA will organize training sessions to instruct members on using the platform effectively. These sessions will empower you with the knowledge to navigate the collaborative with confidence.

Remember, like a  thriving community garden, the true magic of the PDC will emerge when everyone engages and gives it a try.  We ask that everyone participate when the time comes. Lean in, learn, and provide your feedback. And most importantly, let your business partners know that the PDC is your choice for distributing and managing brand product data. When you take the time to understand the power of the PDC,  you'll not only benefit your organization, but also help to create a successful tool for all involved. So be sure to take a look at the information we’ll be providing to you, and share that information with your peers and business partners.  With everyone’s engagement, we’ll make this garden grow!  

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