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Fitted, Inc.

Experience Revolutionized Retail on Fitted

Fitted streamlines connectivity between brands and retailers by unlocking the ability to optimize inventory, manage orders, and simplify payments – all on a single platform. On Fitted, brands get paid immediately on all orders and gain access to real-time visibility into their retailers’ inventory. Retailers unlock flexible payment terms and the ability to place all their brand orders in a single place. It’s an elevated wholesale experience for everyone.

Fitted for Retailers: Single cart. All their Brands. One platform.

Fitted is our love letter to retailers. We know retailers love their craft, and we want to make it easier for them to do what they love! On Fitted, retailers can place all their wholesale orders in one place unlocking enhanced payment optionality, terms, and savings (up to 2%) on top of any pre-existing brand terms. Retailers are also able to manage their invoices, and track brand availability, their shop inventory, and nationwide availability of products all on Fitted. Our mission is to give retailers time back to spend doing what they love rather than spending all their hours handling the operational minutia of retail.

RIA retailers: sign up for Fitted for free today HERE.

Fitted for Brands: B2Better and Streamline All Your Wholesale Connectivity Needs.

Brands on Fitted gain access to all the tools needed to elevate their wholesale business. On Fitted, brands receive upfront payment on all orders, make it easier for their retailers to buy from them, get new retailers up and running instantly, eliminate credit risk, and put an end to manual orders and costly EDI integrations. And if that isn’t enough benefits, brands on Fitted also boost cash flow by up to 20%, improve their cash conversion cycle, and see average order value increase by up to 22%. 

RIA brands: schedule a free demo to learn more HERE.

Fitted is optimizing the brand - retailer relationship by setting the groundwork for all parties involved to thrive together through connection, collaboration, and innovation. A win-win for brands and retailers alike. Single connectivity. Limitless possibilities.


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