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Run Free Project

97% of consumers discover their favorite local businesses online. The Run Free Project ensures you’re one of them.

The only commerce platform built for run specialty retailers.

We make managing your running store's online presence from a single platform easy. We don't charge any commissions or transaction fees, and you control everything yourself.

  • Our website builder is free, enabling you to create and grow a beautiful website, no technical experience necessary.
  • Our integrated ecommerce product syncs with your POS system, automating inventory, orders, gift cards, customer records, & more. When you add a new product into your POS, it automatically adds itself to your ecommerce store, pulling in pictures and a description from the Metabase, all with no delays or human intervention necessary. Plus, automate feeds to social media marketplaces and connect to your favorite vendor inventories with Relay at no extra charge.
  • Our mobile loyalty apps make it simple to offer your customers an immersive custom-branded experience on Apple and Android devices. The built-in loyalty program manages itself and includes in-store and online purchases as well as event attendance. Your customers will easily redeem rewards in the app and can use them online or in-store seamlessly. Your app also includes a beautiful interface for customers to browse your events, register, sign waivers, and check into them when they arrive. By integrating with popular fitness trackers, the mobile apps provide you with an avenue to gamify your customers' workouts and customize how they interact with your brand. Plus, group tagging and customizable push notifications ensure maximum engagement.

Your online presence is your #2 most important asset behind your brick and mortar store. Almost all of your customers make their first contact with you online. Be sure you're putting your best foot forward with us. Learn more about our pricing and why everyone's making the switch by visiting our website and our YouTube channel.

Questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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