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Softer impact with greater propulsion. Vimazi is at one with your pace.

Like you, we know how good a lively run feels.  We also want to keep our bodies healthy. So we can run more! That's why we set out to make running shoes that maximize cushioning while providing an energetic, lively pushoff.  The journey led us to something that's never been done before. Pace-tuned running shoes.

Scott Tucker is constantly working to trim minutes off his marathon time. So it’s not surprising that during a 6am interval workout in 2017, he had a brainstorm—shoes tuned to specific pace zones should respond more efficiently to the forces generated in running than non-tuned shoes. This had not been investigated before! So, with a team of scientists, Scott conducted the basic research to prove the theory. He used his math to immediately start developing pace tuned shoes and applied for a patent.

With solid data and a patent pending, Scott grabbed his high school running buddy John Zilly, a marathoner himself, and together they formed Vimazi. From its inception, in fact the very soul of the concept, Vimazi been about bringing the best performance to runners of all abilities and aspirations. Instead of making shoes for the elite runners and then selling them to the rest of us, Vimazi tunes the shoes to the pace you run, whatever that pace may be when you head out.

It’s important to know that the word “Vimazi” isn’t random. It comes from Greek roots meaning “pace zone.” Our flying V logo is inspired by the symbol for velocity in physics equations. We have a lot of fun running, but we take the math and physics that back up our technology seriously. That process forced us to relearn everything we thought we knew about running shoes. As we launch our first shoes in 2022, we’re ready to share that rethinking with runners like you, because a lively run is a better run. Plus, nabbing a PB is always nice. Get ready for a paradigm shift.

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