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XACT NUTRITION started with a simple goal: create a better-tasting alternative to an energy gel or chew.

We achieved our goal when we created XACT ENERGY fruit bars back in 2012; even if our business was tiny back then, athlete feedback was thunderous and positive. Endurance fuel you can actually look forward to eating. A bar so easy to eat you can enjoy it even while running and exerting yourself physically.

It is the same for beginners as it is for elites; whether it is the energy we get from our friends and family, or the crowds cheering at the finish line, we thrive off it.  When XACT NUTRITION turns up to events it brings energy, and it is what has being involved in so many, from local shop rides to big city marathons, and has us returning year after year. 

We can't be there to cheer you on every time but our tasty bars can still fuel your body and that moment can still fuel your soul. So enjoy that moment of fueling, it is what helps you get to your goals.

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