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Meet Captyn

Published on | Alyssa McNally | News & Updates

From all the way back to my days as a prep and collegiate runner, I have a strong passion for the sport of running. That passion is now helping drive Captyn, a simple to use registration and management system for managing your run groups, events, classes, clinics, in one mobile friendly spot. Captyn is already supporting over 75 running stores and a national training program, and our new membership in the RIA means even greater benefits for you when you take advantage of our offer.
Winter offer from Captyn for RIA members
Winter offer from Captyn for RIA members

While the retail industry was severely challenged in 2020, the good news is more people are running and walking than ever. How best to connect with all of these potential customers is where Captyn can help.

Training programs, fun runs, specialty workouts, and run clubs are all great ways to change your store’s narrative from ‘survival mode’ to ‘growth mode’ during this transition. Owners have told me that a customers’ lifetime value who participates in programming is 5X or more than their average non-participating customer.

To me, the goal is obvious!

Chris Bowker

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