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The Perfect Fit for Retailers

Published on | Kinsey Middleton | News & Updates

Fitted is the first universal platform that connects brands and retailers like never before. Fueled by Fitted, brands and retailers streamline orders and payments, unlock unprecedented inventory insights, and open new communication channels.
Image of fitted retail

RIA retailers on Fitted:

  • Unlock enhanced payment optionality, terms, and savings on top of any pre-existing brand discounts
  • Save 2% if payment is made when the product ships, or 1% if Net 30 is selected, as well as the option of extending out to Net 60 with no discount
  • Place multiple brand orders in a single place
  • Track brand availability, store inventory, and nationwide availability of products

Wanna save money and time placing your next brand order? Sign up for Fitted (for free) here.

Boom! That’s the sound of a retail revolution, where brands and retailers are collaborating better than ever before exclusively on Fitted.

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