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The RIA Plan

The RIA is pleased to present this interactive guide for members and non-members alike that takes you through our plan to support the run specialty retail channel. Scroll through the guide to learn about our mission, the strategic pillars that support the mission, and the benefits that we offer to support our strategic pillars.

The RIA Mission

Our ‘North Star’ is ultimately all about retailers thriving. The run specialty channel has proven to be incredibly resilient and competitive, and our goal is to keep it that way. Because we are a members only trade organization, we work in a closed ecosystem. But we also recognize our responsibility to help drive business into our retail stores, and this is a growing part of our mission.

Our Strategic Pillars that Support the MISSION

Elevate Retailers

We recognize that if retailers don’t succeed, our brand and associated members also fail to succeed. Accordingly, the RIA seeks to elevate retailers to ensure the health and growth of the channel. So within this pillar we have employed strategies to support retail businesses.

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Mastermind Groups

We currently have 40 stores participating, and intend to expand to include newer and smaller volume members  in growth stages.

Cadence Benchmarks POS Report

These are free of charge and include POS sharing.  Stores who provide POS data will be able to compare their performance to their peers and identify areas of strength, and areas of improvement. 

Freight Program

Not just discounts here! Freight support, issues, troubleshooting. All included.  

Member Portal

Access to tools and archived Information - Encourage retailers to create logins and check it out.

Product Data Collaborative

With standardized access to brand product data in one central location, this marquee RIA benefit will save tremendous amounts of time and money in managing brand product data. 

New Store Resources

Ensuring that new and growing businesses have mentorship, peer sharing, and exposure to the tools that RIA and our partners offer. 

Strengthening the Industry

Within this pillar our initiatives are focused on ensuring collaboration and connection between members, and provide channel insights to inform business decisions.

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RIA Summit

This is our Member event.  We’ve designed it to be an organic benefit. It will evolve based on what our members want.  But the basis is collaboration and education.  That includes stronger connections to our brands and associates and to other retailers. 

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnership decisions are all based on how that partnership can benefit our members.  For example, our partnership with Upper Quadrant provides valuable market intelligence.  Our partnership with Parcel Management group provides the Freight Program.  

RIA Think Tank

This is our member forum, where conversations can take place on any topic that any member feels is important to discuss, or where members can seek guidance and assistance from other members.   

RIA Weekly Benchmarks

These are free of charge, and keep everyone abreast of how the channel is performing. This benefit doesn’t require anything more than simply signing up.  

RIA Data & Insights

We conduct our own annual surveys to both check in, and also discover what is important to our retailers.  Our recent summer survey created new data on the health of the channel, consumer insights, and ecom, and how the RIA is performing.  

Pulse Newsletter

This is for, about, and often by, our members.  Content is designed to keep everyone informed about what the RIA is doing, as well as providing insights that matter to our members. 

Emerging Brand Support

We believe that providing exposure to new and differentiated products keeps our member stores vibrant and improves the customer experience. 

Rep Membership

We’re going to expand to include reps, which makes total sense given that these individuals are the main connection between brands and retailers. We’re going to offer market insights, training, and stronger connections to potential new brands. In house rep are already members by default. This is focused on  individual reps, or sales agencies  

Expand the Audience

Our third strategic pillar is focused on expanding exposure for run specialty, so within this pillar we’re looking to drive more customers into stores.

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Supports RIDC

We’re strongly supportive of Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC), and our National Run Safety Month promotion has a DEI focus. 

Supports the Low Impact Alliance

The RIA supports the LIA with partnership, exposure, and inclusion at the RIA Summit. 

The RIA Jobs Board

Fostering opportunities in the channel.

Store Finder

Our first foray into exposing our member stores to a wider audience.

National Run Safety Month

One of the RIA’s core missions is to inform and raise awareness, and for National Run Safety Month, we feel it is important to recognize there are different experiences surrounding run safety that we have not yet explored.