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Streamline Inventory Management with OptiO

Published on | Lance Muzslay | News & Updates

OptIO is a web browser-based suite of software that greatly streamlines every aspect of buying and inventory management. It strikes a balance between automating tedious and laborious tasks while allowing for quick and efficient decision making.
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Lance Muzslay, the developer of OptiO inventory management software, is also co-owner of Sole Sports Running Zone in Arizona. He has owned and operated stores in the specialty running shoe channel since 2002. With a background in software development, he was uniquely positioned to develop a suite of tools to improve the overall efficiency of inventory management for the running industry. This time and money-saving tool is accessible to RIA members due to OptiO’s associate membership, and Lance took the time this month to explain the benefits of the software.

The most popular feature is the store-to-store inventory swapping feature, also known as Shoe Tinder, because it’s a matchmaker of win-win trades. It allows you to search other stores' inventory for an item that you need (typically for a special order) that is not available from the vendor. Rather than just a one-way favor, OptIO not only lets you request the item from another store, but it also shows the other store’s staff what is out of stock for them that matches what you have in stock, making it a win-win swap.

Other key OptiO features:

Transfer Report: Computes precisely what needs to move between stores in multi-location businesses for optimum distribution based on real-time inventory and model stock values.

Future Footwear Order Revision Report: Makes revising future orders a pleasurable experience. Recommended order quantities are presented for each size with an upper and lower value based on historical sales and current inventory rolled up across colors for the style.

At-once Order Report: Computes quantities that need to be ordered to reach the model stock value based on current inventory rolled up across colors (and locations if a multi-store operation).

Footwear Model Stock Recommendation Engine: Computes optimal model stock values based on historical sales and a target turn rate. Good model stock values lead to higher turn rates, which allows for a reduction in inventory investment and thus improved cash flow.

OptIO currently integrates with RICS, Lightspeed and Heartland, the point-of-sale systems used by the majority of RIA members. Details of the key features can be seen at A 60-day free trial is available and guaranteed to make a huge improvement in your buying and inventory management processes.

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